Denim Walks the Formal Fashion Ramp

02 Jul 2022

During the pandemic, people prioritized and languished comfort. As we try to leave our masked days behind, we don’t wish to forget the comfort & freedom that our work-from-home outfits offered. For working professionals, the choice of clothing has changed from stiff & ironed to comfort that doesn’t compromise style. Denim enjoys the spotlight for the foreseeable upcoming seasons.

Comfort with style has become the work wear staple in our wardrobes. Denim offers stretch, drape, softness and fits built for a reflection of confidence & comfort to complement the formal look but with a little twist.

Here are some styling tips to rock your formal denim look

  • One can never go wrong with a shirt; it is a formal piece of clothing and add a blazer for an extra zing. Pair them with your favourite pair of jeans for comfortably stylish formal outfit.
  • Pair your denim jeans with a blazer instead of a jacket. It will add a sheen of formal look to the casual ensemble without too much effort. You can choose solid colour t-shirts to pair with your blazers and to finish the look, add minimalistic accessories.

Keep in mind a few things

  • Always pick the denim of your size that perfectly fits your body to create a formal look.
  • Avoid denim with patches, logos, rips or prints.
  • The belt selection is significant as it can make or break your look.

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