TESTIMONIALS 2023 (Mumbai)

Saurav Jalan, Director - Shree Shyam Fashion Pvt. Ltd.

We have recently started our new company and we do denims for mens wear, womens wear and kids wear. This is our first time participating in Gartex and it has been a wonderful experience, we have met a lot of new customers, we have regained relationships with a lot of our old customers and we are hoping to have very good business with them. It is a wonderful experience to be here and we are thankful to the Gartex for the same.

Mr Sharad Jaipuria, President - DMA (Managing Director Ginni International Ltd)

Gartex Show has become an iconic show for the entire textile value chain. Denim Manufacturers Association has been participating with Gartex in Delhi and Mumbai. In this show we have the fabric manufacturers, we have the brands, and we have the machinery manufacturers, who all come together under one roof. This time, we have 30 denim manufacturers along with another 110 manufacturers of machinery and fashion. The mills showcase their best products and developments in the show. This time the theme has been sustainability and all the denim mills have showcased their sustainable fabrics which will not harm the environment.

Arvind Mathur, CEO of Raymond UCO, Vice President of Denim Association

We are here at Jio World Convention Center for this trade show which is the 2nd edition of Gartex Denim Show in Mumbai. So far we have had very good response, raw footfall, very good space to show and display our stuff. We have customers who have been coming and really appreciating the product range, not only ours but whatever they see round this place. In general, one of the questions which has been asked to me is about how the industry is doing and what are the prospects. I would say that for some-time the industry has gone through its post-covid challenges. But I think Denim is an evergreen segment, it will always be there and there will always be people who love it. We have had a good selection and our clients have also come and selected quite a good range.


Mr. Sharad Jaipuria, President, DMA & CMD, Ginni International Ltd

The DMA has been formed to take care of the interest of the complete denim value chain in the country, be it Denim fabrics manufacturers, mills, processing mills, garmenters and customers. All the shows that have happened in Delhi and Mumbai have been successful and the footfall is increasing year on year. More than 25 denim mills participated this year, along with 200 more exhibitors representing the garment and textile value chain, bringing the best sustainable products and showcasing imminent market trends. I believe that this show will only get bigger in years to come. The Denim Manufacturers Association is glad to support Gartex Texprocess India.

Mr. Nilesh Bangar, Director, Kanchan India Limited

Our Company has participated in the Denim Show for the second time and I must say that the response that we have received is amazing and the footfall is impressive. We have been able to generate a lot of leads and our visibility has been tremendous. I want to congratulate the whole organising team and I hope the success of this show continues with the coming years.

Arvind Mathur, Vice President - DMA & CEO, Raymond UCO Denim Private Limited

We have been participating in the Denim Show from the time it started. This is the fourth show happening in Delhi and we just had a show in Mumbai as well. Every time we participate, the show is always exciting, it is always something we look forward to, and we always gain something out of it. It has really been very positive for us and we will continue to participate. The show is looking really nice and if you go around you will see a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of participants. We expect a lot of footfall today and tomorrow as well, just like yesterday. Things are going well and we are very excited. We will be coming to this show again. Thank you.

Arpit Srivastava, Regional Marketing & Branding Manager South Asia, Lenzing Fibers India Private Ltd.

We are glad to be here at the Denim Show @ Gartex Texprocess India. We had a very good experience in these three days. We had a good mix of customers coming in from the major mills, traders, garment manufacturers, as well as brands. The inquiries were quite interesting and we were quite happy to see the interest in sustainable products, which is our company’s forte. I was glad to see a good interest in comfort driven, performance driven products, especially for the Indian domestic market, which is very encouraging to us and the industry and the consumers in general. We look forward to converting this into valuable business and we look forward to being here back soon. Thank you.

Aamir Akhtar, Group President & CEO, Jindal Worldwide

Gartex Texprocess India gave us an opportunity to meet the whole ecosystem and entire supply chain at a single platform. The exhibition keeps getting more popular with each passing edition, attracting all categories of customers such as distributors, retailers, dealers, cutters and much more.

TESTIMONIALS 2022 (Mumbai)

Mr Suketu Shah, Chief Executive/Business Head - Fabrics Division (LNJ Denim & Mayur) - RSWM Ltd (LNJ Denim)

Gartex is a fantastic show. After 2 years, we are witnessing a very good footfall. We LNJ Denim, are very happy to have this GTI show. We are showcasing our products which are as per the market need and all our customers are very happy to see those products and they are very gaga about it.

Mr Sharad Jaipuria, President - DMA

Denim Show @Gartex which has been supported by DMA is one of the largest exhibitions for Denim Industry. This is a great platform for buyers, sellers and researchers to understand what is going to happen and how the markets are likely to behave in the future.

Mr Aditya Goyal, Managing Director - Anubha Industries Private Limited

Denim Show is a good platform for the entire denim industry to showcase products and also since it is co-located with Gartex, it brings in a larger cross-section of visitors compared to other stand-alone textile or denim shows in which we have all been participating and since this is the first large scale show happening after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Aamir Akhtar, Chief Executive Officer - Arvind Limited.

Denim Show is a great platform; the whole industry comes together, all the parts of supply chain be it denim producers, buyers, chemical suppliers, machine manufacturers. Most of the national brands operate out of Mumbai. We needed something like this here. We find merit in this show.


Amit Jindal, MD, Jindal Worldwide Ltd.

We at Jindal, have been participating in the Denim Show incorporated by Gartex Texprocess India for a long time. We have been the largest producer of Denim in entire Asia. So far, we have been getting a great response from the show, an awesome footfall; really surprised to see a lot of customers coming from outside India, like Peru, South America, Columbia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey. So we really see this show going international. We are glad to be a part of it and we will continue to do so in the coming years.

Amit Dalmia & Raj Borana, Directors, R&B Denim Ltd.

We have received a much better response than what we had anticipated about the show. With DMA’s support, the Denim Show was presented so well and the footfall this time was tremendously more than previous editions. PAN India, international clients, old and new buyers; we came across a lot of customers this time. We are astonished to see such a response and a variety of customers under one roof. Looking forward to participating in upcoming editions.

Amir Akhtar, CEO, Arvind Mills

The show this time is really really amazing. The people here, the mood here, the sentiment here, the quality of buyers here; it is really very encouraging. It is amazing to see a general sentiment being so positive. It’s almost like setting a new direction for the industry. So, very happy to be here and I have seen that the quality of the show has improved every year. The facilities have been improving every year. The presentations have improved every year. So, compliments to the Gartex Team. Very well done!


Suketu Shah, President, Mafatlal Industries Ltd.

“We are thankful to DMA for this unique opportunity. The first day of the show pulled a lot of relevant crowd. Also, we are expecting more in the coming days. With the current state of market this step was certainly required. This will help the denim fraternity move forward in the future.”

Gagandeep Singh, Secretary, DMA

“I represent Denim Manufacturers Association, the only association in India which represents the denim fabric industry. Getting linked with Gartex is the first initiative and the collaboration has been extremely satisfying. The response has been tremendous and in the next edition we are hopeful it will improve further with double the number of participants.”

Deepak Chiripal, Nandan Denim Ltd.

“It is a wonderful experience being a part of DMA backed Denim Show at Gartex. This is a first-of-its kind of show in the history of Denim India. It is a unique platform, trying to connect the domestic mass of India. This show is a great success with fantastic footfall. It is enhancing the business connectivity and sourcing possibilities of garmenting businessmen. It will also help promote denim business in India.”


Sharad Jaipuria CMD-Ginni Intl. Ltd. & President-DMA

DMA is very happy to participate in Denim Show, and this year, almost 31 mills from the denim fraternity have joined the show. This is a great platform for all the stakeholders. All the mills wait for this show eagerly as they use this forum to showcase latest trends and their collection of fabrics.

Amit Jindal, MD-Jindal Worldwide Ltd.

This is our second time at Denim Show and we are very happy to be a part of it. The results we get here are very encouraging, and it acts as a great platform to meet new customers. I am really happy with the organisers and DMA for their efforts to promote the industry and bring us closer to the customer.

Amit Dalmia & Raj Borana, Directors-R & B Denims Ltd. Surat

This is our first experience at Denim Show and we have got a very good response. With the help of this expo, we have been able to showcase our latest collections to the customers. We are going to be a part of the next edition too and wish this exhibition great success.