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About Denim Talks 2019

India is the world’s second largest producer of denim fabric with manufacturing capacity touching 1,600 mn meters. Growing interconnectedness of the world, consumer awareness and an increasing affinity for global fashion have led to an increasing pan Indian appeal and appetite for Denim in apparel cutting across urban, semi urban and rural areas, thereby opening the floodgates of a rapidly growing domestic market for Denim. On the other hand, the global denim market is forecast to reach USD 64.1 billion by 2020 and an increasing number of international denim manufacturers are looking at India as an emerging denim sourcing region owing to its quality standards, cost effectiveness and large pool of skilled work force.

While on one side there are technological advancements in manufacturing –right from cutting to processing and finishing, design and trends are constantly evolving at the same time with sustainability, circular fashion and slow fashion gaining ground and all set to become the driving forces for the denim and overall textile, garment and apparel industries as a whole. The Indian denim industry therefore needs to stay on top of the game and globally competitive to make the most of this growth opportunity.

In this context, “Denim Talks” shall serve as a high level forum bringing together the industry leaders, best minds and international experts to share insights, experiences and global perspectives through a wealth of presentations, case studies and interactive sessions.

Among the Delegates

  • Denim Mills
  • Garment / Apparel Brands
  • Denim Designers
  • Denim Garment & Apparel Machinery, Accessories & Trims Players
  • Denim Finishing & Washing Technology Players
  • Fabric Sourcing Teams
  • Vendors And Supply Chain Partners
  • Dyes & Chemicals Players
  • Export Houses
  • Buying Houses
  • Merchandisers
Key Topics of Discussion

  • Overview of Indian Denim Industry
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Circular Fashion
  • Fashion 2.0
  • Alternative Raw Materials in Denim – Hemp
  • Advancement in Reuse, Recycling and Upcycling
  • Shop Floor Advancements in Cutting Technologies
  • Ecofriendly Innovations with Laser Finishes
  • Digital Transformation in the Industry
  • Zero Liquid Discharge / Reducing Water Footprints in Denims
  • Contemporary Design for Modern-day Denims
  • Denim in the Age of Slow Fashion
  • Predictions on Sustainability and Circular Fashion for 2020 and beyond
  • Future Trends / Fitway: Fits & Outfits / Global Trends
  • Key Moods, Colors & Product Drivers for 2020
Conference Program
Time Events
Registration, Tea/Coffee and Networking
Welcome note and Lamp Lighting ceremony

Session1 : Inaugural Session
Overview of Indian Denim Industry
Opportunities and Key Challenges
Investment Opportunities

High Tea & Networking Break

Session2 : Circularity & Sustainability in Denim
Circular Fashion
Unzipping Fashion 2.0
Alternative Raw Materials in Denim -Hemp
Making Circular Fashion Fashionable with New Business Model
Advancement in Reuse, Recycling and Upcycling in Denim

13.00 -14.00
13.00 -14.00
Networking lunch
14.00 -15.20
14.00 -15.20

Session3 : Designing Denims
Contemporary Design for Modern-day Denim
Denim in the Age of Slow Fashion
Predictions on Sustainability and Circular fashion for 2020 and beyond
Future Trends/Fitway: Fits & Outfits/Global trends/Key moods, trends, colors & product drivers for 2020

15.20 -15.40
15.20 -15.40
High Tea & Networking Break

Session4 : Processing, Automation and Technology in Denim
Shop Floor Advancements in Cutting Technologies
Ecofriendly Innovations with Laser Finishes
Digital Transformation in the Industry
Zero Liquid Discharge / Reducing Water Footprints in denim industry

End of Conference Program; High Tea & Networking
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Denim Talks - (2019)

How Textile Manufacturers Are Making Denim More Sustainable
This presentation will give an introduction on how Denim Industry can support a sustainable yet profitable business model highlighting end to end manufacturing and lifecycle of denim, best use cases of sustainable fabrics and practices which in result will accelerate the transition to a circular economy in denim.

Arvind Mathur, CEO, Raymond UCO Denim Pvt. Ltd.

Contemporary Design for Modern-day Denim
What is next and new in Modern-day Denim- breathable fabrics and modern cuts? How Brands are rethinking Indian Fashion? The presentation will showcase some of today’s most forward-thinking designs with classic elements re-spun into a new avatar. It will also examine the evolution of a classic pair of blue denim highlighting how traditional textiles are meeting modern silhouettes to create a look that’s perfectly suited to the Indian of today.

Manish Kapoor, Chief Business Officer, Pepe Jeans London

Hemp- Alternative Raw Materials in Denim
Can Hemp be the textile of the Future? This presentation will give a high level introduction to the future of Hemp in India- highlighting use cases of Hemp in Denim, Cultivating Hemp vs other fibers, how Hemp & Denim blends are a lighter & sustainable alternative and most importantly how hemp is received by consumers of today.

Sumit Shah, Co-Founder, Director- Operations & BOHECO Textile, Bombay Hemp Co. Pvt. Ltd

Denim in the Age of Slow Fashion
The presentation will urge brands to rethink their current business models to factor in a greener and sustainable fashion by creating a line that is ethical, more environment- conscious and circular. It will also focus on how recycling & upcycling of garments play a major role in moving a step closer to the slow fashion movement in Denim industry today.

Kriti Tula, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Doodlage

Reducing Water Footprint and achieving Zero Liquid Discharge
Denim effluent contains dyes, chemicals and other impurities which are not conducive for discharge. Processes such as Indigo dyeing and printing wastewaters contribute to further complex organic pollutants such as inks, finishing chemicals & other non-biodegradable or difficult to treat constituents.

While Primary and Secondary Treatment can remove color and most of the organics from the effluent the discharge of effluents to the environment can pollute fresh water resources mainly due to salinity increase and associated problems such as increased SAR (Sodium Absorption Ratio) but also due to the residual organics passing through the primary and secondary treatment.

This presentation will give an introduction on how absolute filtration using membranes for water recycle and Zero liquid discharge provide the best options from a safe environmental impact perspective in Denim Industry.

Turbaashu Bhattacharya, Business Head, Roserve Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

Future Trends in Denim & Intelligent Fashion
How smart fabric is Reshaping the Industry? How to make Intelligent Fashion readily available? This presentation will open a new world of Smart fabrics where the advancement and development trends of smart and intelligent textiles are discussed. It will uncover the new age denim trends in line with futuristic denim technology disrupting apparel industry of today.

Sartaj Singh Mehta, Chief Product Officer, Turms- BigPhi Technologies

Making Circular Fashion Fashionable with New Business Model
Today, more than ever, consumers driven by an insatiable appetite for newness and variety are buying more clothes and keeping them for less time. There is an imperative need of a circular fashion system that combines new business models with innovative design, technologies and materials that eliminate waste and pollution and drive positive impact across the fashion value chain. This presentation will highlight the significance of a new business model in denim industry accompanied with design strategies, sustainable materials and advanced recycling technologies.

Ravikant Prakash, Design Head- India, Arvind Limited

Circular Fashion - A case study of Swedish Fashion Brand Filippa K
We know we have to change the way we create and enjoy fashion, but how? And why is it so hard to change? Elin Larsson will take us through Filippa Ks journey towards sustainability and circularity and share the learnings as well as the challenges and round off with the outcome of the two year industry embedded Mistra Future Fashion project, called Circular Design Speeds. By including research from both design, supply chain, user and recycling together with industry insights from Filippa K the project takes on a unique systemic approach showcasing what could be accomplished using existing value chains as well as what the future holds.

Elin Larsson, Founder Elco

Pre-sew process Digitalization and cutting room automation
Mr. Ananda Kumar will take us through the entire automation solutions of Pre-sew process Digitalization and cutting room ranging from basic sketch Designing, fabric and garment designing ( 2D and 3D) , virtual sampling, 3D virtual shopping, cut order planning, cutting room automation and Analytic (real time reports) – Industry 4.0.

Mr. Ananda Kumar, Director- Asia Operation, Morgan Tecnica Hong Kong Ltd.

Topic- Investment Opportunities
This presentation will showcase Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC) offerings as Future-ready Smart Industrial City which is a well-planned and one of its kind Greenfield smart industrial city is being developed across an area of 10,000 acres in Maharashtra as a part of Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and promoted by Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited (AITL), a special purpose vehicle and partnership between DMICDC (an agency of Government of India) and MIDC (the investment promotion and facilitation arm of the state government of Maharashtra).

The Future-ready Smart Industrial City will showcase Smart Governance features such as e-LMS (Land Management System) which is specially developed for AURIC. This is the first-of-its-kind system in the country in which land allotment has been made simpler and efficient with a vision of ensuring 100% digital and paperless transactions. AURIC will provide a high grade and cost-efficient power source, with a reduced carbon footprint and compact design. Operated out of a GIS substation with a SCADA system, residents are assured 24×7 reliable power with an underground cable for every plot and ICT enabled “Smart + Connected” City components including Fiber optic infrastructure, Public Wi-Fi, AURIC e-Governance and ERP (AEE), Surveillance system, Internet of Things (IoT) for utilities, Multi-Services digital kiosks, Environmental sensors, e-Education and e-Healthcare, Smart poles, Cloud hosting.

Mr. Gajanan Patil, General Manager, Marketing (MIDC) & Joint Managing Director (AITL), Government of Maharashtra

Ecofriendly Innovations in Denim Finishing
Garment industry has seen big changes in last 4 years and the industry is ready to launch itself into a new era of Transformation. This presentation will discuss how to connect all dots and make 360 degree transformation be it Fabric manufacturer, garment exporter, domestic manufacturer, commercial laundries, brands, retailers, and chemical suppliers.

All the technologies like Laser , ozone and Eflow has set up strong ground, is accepted by the user and already providing the benefits in terms of –

  1. Better look
  2. Making the denim with less water and less manpower &
  3. Possibility to remove stones and PP from the denim washing

It shall also take audience through An Operation Model for Denim Processing to make Jeans 5.0 .This model is combination of –

  1. Human Intellect
  2. Technology Interface – LASER , G2 OZONE, E FLOW , SMART FINISHING BOX & H2 Zero
  3. Process Optimisation – From Fabric to Product, and from Lab to Bulk; making the industry more sustainable

Mr. Manuj Kanchan, General Manager - South Asia, Jeanologia

Indian Denim Industry overview and Industry Report Launch
“The Indian Denim industry is going through an interesting phase owing to the presence of sufficient denim manufacturing capacity and a rapidly increasing consumer base. The denim market in India is expected to grow in double digits for the foreseeable future, but denim manufacturing not being the most sustainable of businesses, has some serious environmental risks. How can the industry sustain its growth as well as sustain the ecology. What does Circular fashion have in the bag for the manufacturers, brands, consumers and most importantly, the environment? Also, what role can the modern technologies have in helping realizing this goal?”

Mr. Prashant Agarwal, Co-Founder & Partner, Wazir Advisors

Sustainable Wet Processing of Denim
HInnovations for sustainable wet processing solutions need to be invented and implemented at both levels – manufacturing of dyes/chemicals as well as at the textile wet processing facilities. This presentation talks about the prohibited mechanical / chemical treatments for denim processing. It also presents some viable alternative sustainable solutions that are in line with international eco-labels and brand requirements.

Sumit Gupta

Denim Talks (2018) - Highlights

Textiles is one of the oldest industries in the world, and we continue to see constant evolution in fibres and fabrics. The discerning customer today not just desires the superior attributes of both the natural fibres and the man made fibres but also want added functionalities, that too in the most environment friendly manner. Superior apparel quality, performance and comfort even in demanding situations have become the new normal for the increasingly enlightened consumer.

While better performing fabrics are gaining traction, the new buzzword sweeping the textile landscape is sustainability, across various sensibilities. There is also an increased preference for materials and services that are traceable, transparent and sustainable, both ecologically and socially, and it’s time for us as responsible manufacturers to step up create and offer solutions for the new age demands.

Mr. Ritesh Sharma is the Retail Lead for R|Elan – Fabric 2.0, fabrics made from the next-generation of specialty fibers launched by Reliance Industries Ltd. He has over 21 years of experience in the Textile Industry working across fiber, fabric and apparel sectors.

It’s not new that a couple of jeans is always there in our wardrobes. The unique point is that over the years these denims have become one of the most versatile items of clothing for us, engaging the denim manufacturers as well as designers to constantly work upon and give a makeover every season.

Trends these days are proving that the more inventive the jeans are, the more attention you will accrue as the fashion professional and denim manufacturer. The market is roving more about mixing up of different elements and having fun with it.

Going with the trends that celebrity jeans are noted nowadays, the future may be donning embellished ripped jeans with fishnet details or replacing the cotton culottes with denim culottes, these days jeans trends mean serious business.

Mr. Sartaj Mehta, with over two decades of industry experience and expertise in the creative domain, is known for his skills in identifying opportunities to create new product categories for various markets and developing effective and robust growth strategies to ensure long term success.

Prior to be at Pepe Jeans, Mehta was the creative head at ITC and was responsible for creating seasonal lines at both Wills Lifestyle and John Players brands. Mehta started his career with Madura Garments (Aditya Birla Group) where he worked for seven years and went on to become the creative director of Allen Solly.

During his tenure at Allen Solly, he won the ‘Chairman’s young achiever award’. In 2005, he joined the Benetton Group as product head and was then appointed as the product director, where he was responsible for strategically managing all product categories was responsible for creating growth strategy across all categories.

During his stint at Colour Plus India (Raymond Apparel) Mehta was appointed director of design and merchandising and played a larger role in product development. Mehta was also one of the founding members at, where he was instrumental in setting up the business division for the portal as well as overlooked all aspects of product- design, sourcing and production.

In last five years, Madhya Pradesh has become a mojor centre for new textile investments in India. During this period, majority of major textile companies have invested in the state either in Greenfield projects or on expansions; major investors include Trident, Vardhman, SEL, SRF, and Century Textiles.

The state is natural choice for textile related investments due to easy availability of raw materials like cotton, well-established ecosystem and progressive policy framework.

Currently 65 large textile mills, thousands of looms and millions of spindles are operating in the state.

Mr. Ashish Pateria
is currently associated with Department of Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion (DIP&IP), Government of Madhya Pradesh. He primarily handles
investor facilitation, marketing and branding of Madhya Pradesh. He played an instrumental role in organising Global Investors Summit (GIS) 2016 and is actively
involved in planning and organising GIS 2019. He has successfully routed investment across different sectors in the state which are under various stages of
implementation. He is working with Ernst & Young (EY), which is acting as Knowledge Partner to GoMP.

Mr. Pateria is MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai and did his engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune.

One hour session on how to stimulate and develop your 5-senses by adopting few practices in day to day life so that they are more activated and help you design better. This is a fully interactive session which includes many hands on activities, examples, videos and reference work sharing.

Mr. Anuraag S is a rare combination of logic and creativity, intelligence and innovation, speed and perfection. Someone who has always set benchmarks for creating workable designs and has a crazy bug to find out different solutions by thinking out of the box.

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of design, creativity and visual merchandising, Anuraag is an Incomparable mentor, inspirational designer, an author and the biggest knowledge house of his field-Visual Merchandising.

He has national and international work experience with leading Retail Organizations like Shoppers stop, Aditya Birla Group, Landmark group, Axiom Telecom and Jet Airways. Currently, Anuraag has his own multi-disciplinary design consultancy called Pencil Box, based in Bangalore, India.

The talk would encompass

  • The Digital revolution in denim washing
  • Journey from Analogue to Digital Production
  • Technologies that work as transformers for this revolution
  • Benefits of thinking and implementing Digital production route in today’s time so as to transform our industry and give a healthy life to JEANS and people associated with it

Mr. Manuj Kanchan is working for Jeanologia for 6+ years and is heading South Asia operations. Over the years, he has earned very enriching experience and have been enjoying being part of the transformational journey. Prior to Jeanologia, he was associated with 3 main companies where he learned about Denim in a very professional way. Those three companies are:

Freshtex Laundry – based in China and India, there he handled product development in Asia and production operations in Bangalore

IndoChine – based in China, where he handled denim product from China, Bangladesh and Cambodia

S&A Impex – Chemical business in Indian sub continent

How ZDHC best practices on chemicals management are driving innovation in the denim sector?

The presentation will introduce latest developments at ZDHC and showcase how its guidelines and tools are enabling more sustainable and innovative practices in the denim supply chain. It will also demonstrate the practical meaning of the ZDHC MRSL, the ZDHC Waste Water Guidelines and the ZDHC Gateway. Sector collaboration and aligned implementation will be highlighted as key success factors for driving environmental protection in the denim industry and staying ahead of sustainability trends and customer requirements.

Dr. Christina Raab has over a decade of experience of working at the interface between sustainability, sustainable development and innovation. She currently serves as Global Implementation Director at ZDHC, the forefront industry collaboration for sustainable chemicals management in the textile, apparel, footwear and leather sectors. In her role at ZDHC, she is responsible for the global scaling of ZDHC activities and to oversee the ZDHC Academy and the ZDHC Implementation HUB.

Prior to joining ZDHC, Dr. Raab held leading positions at several consulting firms where she worked with a variety of companies, industries and public institutions on holistic sustainability strategies and responsible value chains. Dr. Raab started her professional career at the environmental branch of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and has a PhD in materials chemistry.

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