Hemming the Denim

01 Apr 2022

Hemming trends have evolved over the years.

Clothing is an imperative part of our days and the way we dress up tells a lot about our personality, mood, and style. It isn’t true that particular styles are meant for particular people or body types. Anything can suit any body type, skin color, or body size, you just need to know how to carry it uniquely for your body type; it is as easy as anybody can dance.

The finishing edge of the fabric is known as Hem. Hem defines the pants distinctively to build them in a specific style and to create a perfect fit for you. A perfect fit of denim jeans will give you comfort, confidence, and sheer classiness. Denim is truly an all-in-one fabric!

Here is an insight into the diversified ways denim pants or jeans can be hemmed.

Original bottom

The original bottom method is using the original hem to resize the denim

Blind hem

When 1-2 inches is folded inside and stitched in a way that the hem is not visible on the outside, it is known as a blind hem. This can either be processed by hand or machine.

Double-fold hem

The fabric is folded twice and stitching is visible and sometimes also made decorative. Double fold hem is a machine process.

Cover stitch

Coverstitch hemming is obtained by creating two rows of stitching on the front side and like a serger stitch on the inside.

A cuff     

The fabric is turned back to design a half and half pocket type hem that can be achieved by two different machines. It is also used to create styles.

Hemming is a small detail of the pants and details matter. A pant hemmed in a style that suits you and a length that fits you makes the pant uniquely yours.

Trending Hem styles in denim fabric

By hemming the denim, a cuff no longer stays just a cuff and a flare doesn’t stay just a flare, a fit becomes exclusively yours. When it is cropped above the ankle it gives a fun look to your pant, if it’s hemmed below the ankle – it gives the flattering faux height that you are looking for.

Whichever hem makes you feel like you. Go own it with pride.

Let us help you with a few hem trends:

The culotte

Culotte is a style made for comfort. It opens wide at the bottom and the comfort starts right below the knee. Culotte is the lounge experience in denim.

The Exaggerated Cuff

Rolling the jeans with perfection is an itch, it gets so tricky to make them look good. Why not fold and hem it? The Exaggerated Cuff folds up to the mid-calf and hems in style.

The Frayed Crop

The frayed crop adds rawness to the look and creates a mix of flared and cropped hemming. It goes perfect on a weekend or for a fun day.

The Distressed Hem

Little threads border the hem giving an effortless look while adding a homemade touch to the jeans. It gives a break to the whole look.

The Dip Dye

With a classic cut on the edge, the cuff is dipped in the dye for a gradient patchwork effect which gives a chic and subtle look to the outfit.

The Drag

Add a raw hem to your latest trend of oversized denim wear. It creates a look of the hem of your trousers dragged with you giving a laid-back look.

The Twist

A straight-leg denim cuff when twisted to give a curve to the hem creates a modern and unique double-take effect.

Now that you have immense knowledge of ways and styles for hemming your pants or denim jeans, choose one style for your denim or choose all but never back down from wearing what you want and hemming the jeans the way you like.

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