How Patanjali is going to bring in a new Denim Trend!

03 Oct 2018

After stirring up the food & beverage industry Patanjali Ayurved is planning to take apparels market by storm. The company is set to launch its clothing brand ‘Paridhan’ by the end of 2018. According to Patanjali MD and co-founder Acharya Balkrishan, apparels would be manufactured in-house via a third party.

A new team has been formed in Noida to take care of the company’s apparel business. They would open 100 exclusive stores in metros as well as non-metros. Also according to Patanjali founder yoga guru Baba Ramdev, the textile portfolio would have around 3,000 products including kids wear, yoga wear, sportswear, caps, shoes, towels, bed sheets and accessories.

The major trend which is going to transform the apparel industry is going to be the swadeshi jeans. Apparently, the jeans have been adapted to Indian conditions.

“Jeans is a western concept and there are two things we can do with western concepts. Either boycott them or adopt them but customise them to suit our traditions. Jeans have become so popular that they cannot be taken away from the Indian society. Swadeshi jeans will be Indianised jeans in style, design and fabric,” Balakrishna said two years ago when Patanjali swadeshi jeans was still a concept.

“Our jeans for women will be loose so that they comply with Indian cultural norms and are also comfortable for them. Indian families will find our swadeshi jeans concept very comfortable,” he said.

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