Denim Pocket Story

One of the major attractions at the Denim Show Editions, the pocket story is conceptualized and executed by Padma Raj Keshri using the Factory waste generated during the production of the 5 pocket jeans. This Sustainable project was up-cycled to bring pocket to a life and recreate the classic pockets to recite the transformation of jeans pocket for your 5 pocket jeans and denim products.

Pocket Story 2.0

The aim of Pocket Story 2.0 is to bring Pockets to Life! To be presented at the Denim Show- Mumbai Edition 2022, the spectacular concept comprises a wall full of types of denim pockets. Padma Raj Keshri will present this fantastic idea of recreating the classic pockets to recite the transformation of jeans pockets

Pocket Story 2022 @ A Glance

Pocket Story in 2021

Pocket Story 1.0

Pocket Story 1.0 was one of the attractive zones at the Denim Show 2021- New Delhi Edition. The set of 60 pockets displayed at the show added design aesthetics to the Jeans Design. The concept supported the manufacturers to add value to ingenious designs for the customers. Each pocket was handcrafted and curated for experiencing the latest trends of the Denim.

Pocket Story 2021 @ A Glance