Why India is a Big Market with a Lot of Untapped Potential for the Denim Industry!
26 Aug 2018

According to prominent jeans manufacturers, ever-increasing denim market in India is on a roll, who give credit to transformed Indian customers and the influence of global trends on this fashion transformation. The evolution of the retail sector, millennials, online penetration of denim and the increased popularity of engineered or distressed pieces will certainly carry forward the growth of this segment.

“Denim has been clearly witnessing an upward trend in terms of consumer preference over the years. Originally a product for the youth, it has grown to cut across geographies, gender and age groups,” Aamir Akhtar, CEO – Denims, Arvind Ltd.

“Brands have increased the number of jeans wear in their lines. A lot of brands which earlier were not involved in jeans wear have also added them as a part of their offerings,” said Akhtar.

As per Parag Dani, Business Head of Gap India, denim market in India as well as around the world has grown consistently, irrespective of other fabric trends in the world of fashion.

“Given the average age of the Indian consumer today, and influence of global style trends in the country, the industry can be expected to grow at a double-digit rate since more people are finding comfort in this evergreen product,” said Dani

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